Track Team

Back in 2009 Ben invited me to his residence in Edens to play his beautiful 92-key Bosendorfer piano. I played Schubert's Impromptu Op. 90 No. 4 for him. When I finished, Ben told me that it sounded very nice but I had forgotten a note. He asked me to play a few bars from the middle portion (humming the part where I should start). I played a few measures and he said "RIGHT THERE." Sure enough I looked at the sheet music and he was right, there was a note on the page that I was not playing. Of the thousands of notes in this somewhat obscure piece of music Ben had heard the one that I had not been playing. I was dumbfounded that his ear had caught this omission from a song he probably hadn't heard in years. 

I was constantly amazed by Ben and proud to have known him.

- Tyler Clarke