My tribute to the memory of Dr. Ward is a humorous story. I met Dr. Ward through a friend at his beloved Durham Bulls baseball game. I was introduced to him as "Dr. Ward" and I made it a point to call him Dr. Ward whenever I saw him at a game. (He would tease me about the speed in which I would consume my popcorn.) My friend used to pick him up and take him to the Bulls games when he could no longer drive. Well I couldn't go to one of the games and my then girlfriend (now wife) was going and they were going to stop by and pick up Dr. Ward. She had never met him, but I told her that it was Dr. Ward and make sure you call him Dr. Ward. So when she got back home, I asked her, "How was the game and did she enjoy meeting Dr. Ward?" She said, "Oh Benjamin was a great guy and we had a lot of fun!!!" I was like okay Dr. Ward I see how it is..LOL. You will be greatly missed by my wife and I ,your friends and the Durham Bulls!!! 

Respectfully submitted, Claude Piercy